Pete Martin Drilling

Pete Martin Drilling is the largest provider of specialty drilling services (conductors, ratholes, mouseholes and cellar holes) in the Rocky Mountain and Mid-Continent regions. Pete Martin Drilling also provides specialty drilling services for industrial and compressor station construction projects, geothermal wells and vent shafts for mining operations. The company currently has facilities in Utah, Colorado and Oklahoma and operates throughout the Rocky Mountains (Colorado, Wyoming and Utah), Mid-Continent (Oklahoma, Kansas and the Texas Panhandle) and in select other markets on a project basis.

The company’s founder, Pete Martin, drilled conductors, ratholes and mouseholes for nearly 40 years. This family-tradition is carried on by his son, the current President of Pete Martin Drilling. The company was originally established in Vernal, Utah to focus on the Uinta Basin. In 2003, the company expanded its geographic footprint by establishing a permanent presence in Western Colorado to provide specialty drilling services in the Piceance Basin. Pete Martin Drilling expanded even further to the east in 2011 to service the then emerging Niobrara Shale Play in Northeastern Colorado and Southeastern Wyoming. In recent years, Pete Martin Drilling has also mobilized for brief as well as long-term opportunities with high-quality customers in the Permian Basin and Appalachian Basin. In 2018, Mid-Continent Conductor became a wholly-owned subsidiary and division of Pete Martin Drilling focused on the Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas Panhandle markets.

Safety, reliability and quality service are the cornerstones of Pete Martin Drilling. The company and its long-time employees have a vast knowledge base and significant experience drilling throughout the Rocky Mountains’ diverse geological formations as well as in other less geologically complex regions of the country.